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Safety Updates

It is in the middle of these mountains of desert sand in 1997 where the Philippine Society of Safety Engineers, Middle East Chapter(PSSE-MEC) was founded and is now known as the Philippine Society of Safety Practitioners, Middle East Region(PSSP-MER). It is the quest to extract the vast amount of black gold under these sand dunes that led to the creation of this safety organization. Read more >>

Advance Rigging Safety Workshop

September 05, 2014 in Newsletters


On this special occasion, fabulous giveaways are prepared for all the attendees, among these are:
1. A round trip ticket Dammam-Manila-Dammam sponsored by the Secretary General
2. A 40-inch LCD TV set sponsored by the society VP-Internal
3. A digital camera sponsored by the society President
And many more. . . .no attendee will go home empty handed. . . .that's a promise.
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What is the effect of the Load Angle Factor to the over-all stress imposed on the rigging sling? How to determine on-site the LAF of the rigged slings of a bridle hitch? How will you de-rate the capacity of a choker hitch? INTERESTED?

For those PSSPMERians who have already completed the Basic Crane and Rigging Safety Seminar which is a prerequisite to the Advance Rigging Safety Workshop , you are qualified to take the Advance Rigging Safety Workshop tentatively scheduled on October 10, 2014. The event will be finalised on September 26, 2014 depending on the list of expected participants. Certified Rigging Trainers Engr. Levi S. Alejo and Dr. Peter Marfa will be conducting this 1-day workshop.


Be more knowledgeable in rigging safety in order to effectively reduce occurence of lifting and rigging incidents.


February 02, 2012 in Newsletters


“Being at the top” is not safe these days.


Okay, I used a wrong word above. What I’m getting at is that working at heights had been found by OSHA this 2011 to be the most unsafe. This US government regulating body had just released their list of TOP 10 Violations and FALL PROTECTION topped their list. It was ranked #2 last Y2010 and it had reached prominence this year.



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Hear, Hear… or Hear Me Not…

August 17, 2011 in Newsletters

The OSHA Construction Standard for Occupational Noise Exposure, 29 CFR 1926.52 requires the development and implementation of a comprehensive Hearing Conservation Program.
by Levi S. Alejo.....

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"As long as someone hopes for the good and we can make smiles, always there is PSSP-MER"....

April 29, 2011 in Newsletters

As long as an OFW is aiming to have a better life the right way, PSSP-MER will always be there to provide the organzation to belong and the continuing safety education to prepare him in becoming more competitive in the profession. As long as we can make our members' communities and children smile in our own simple and practial way, PSSP-MER will find the means to continue its committment to community service centered to the less fortunate barangays.

PSSP-MER really cares......