PSSP-MER visits their Community Service Recipient Barangay Carolina of Naga City

July 11, 2009 in Events

Barangay Carolina in Naga City lies at the foot of Mt. Isarog, a dormant volcano in the Bicol Region. This barangay with the largest land area is the chosen recipient of  Community Service from the PSSP-MER.  The barangay’s Education Outreach Program chaired by Barangay Kagawad Editha Banda is the main focus of the society’s support.

•    Upgrade of the Barangay Library
•    Teodora Moscoso Elementary School (TMES) Chainlink Fence & Gate
•    Modular Chairs for the Educare Center V Program for the remote sitios of the barangay.

TMES is a neophyte school built for the 242 students from indigent and less fortunate families that are located far from the main barangay school. In fact, only this Y2009 will they have their first elementary graduates.

Engr. Levi S. Alejo, the PSSP-MER Vice President for Internal Affairs, and Mr. Peter Q. Panganiban, PSSP-MER Treasurer extended PSSP-MER’s commitment to provide the medals for the first batch of elementary graduates and also the medals for the TMES 2009 NSAT high achievers.

Also for this school year 2009, the 120+ enrollees in the Remote Sitio Educare Center V Program will receive umbrellas courtesy of PSSP-MER.

The visit was capped with the awarding of a Certificate of Appreciation to PSSP-MER from the officials of Barangay Carolina, Naga City headed by Punong Barangay Alicia V. Saba.


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