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The Philippine Society Of Safety Practitioners Middle East Region (PSSP-MER) conducted a seminar/workshop on Forklift Safety last August 21, 2009. About 170+ safety practitioners and advocates attended the event at Dhahran Palace Hotel, Dhahran, KSA.

The seminar was presented by Engr. Levi S. Alejo, PSSE-MER Vice Président (Internal Affairs). It is part of PSSP-MER’s commitment to provide continuous safety education to its members.


The seminar focused on the safety aspect and training requirements for personnel operating Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) like forklifts, platform lift trucks, and motorized hand trucks. As workers who handle and store materials often use these equipment and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electrical motors or internal combustion engine, employers must make his workers aware of the safety requirements pertaining to design, maintenance, and proper use of the equipment.


It was emphasized that workers may not use these equipment in atmospheres containing hazardous concentrations of metal dust, including aluminum, magnesium and other metal of similar hazardous characteristic. In atmosphere containing carbon black, coal or coke dust workers may use only approved powered industrial trucks designated as EX. Where dust of magnesium, aluminum, or bronze may be present, fuses, switches, motor controllers, and circuit breaker of the trucks must have enclosures specially approved for such condition.


Forklift Safety was given special attention and more discussion because of the wide usage of this type of powered industrial truck (PIT).


Training play an important role such that employers are required to develop a training program specific to the type of truck to be driven and the working condition encountered. Employers must also evaluate operator’s performance in the work place and certify that each operator has received the training needed.


The primary objective of this seminar is to enhance the participants’ safety awareness and familiarity with the requirements and safe operating procedures for these types of equipment. Below additional topics were discussed explaining more detailed information about the subject.

  • Training and regulatory requirements
  • Basic forklift operating principle
  • Basic forklift safety requirements
  • Different type of forklifts
  • Hazardous driving situation


On the last part of the seminar the technical presenter asked the participants for any kind of clarification on the subject matter to ensure that they have understood what was discussed during his presentation. A competency test was given to all participants in two categories, the Individual Competency Test and the Group Case Study on a Forklift Accident situation wherein they are asked to make their recommendations based on what were discussed in the presentation.     


Rommel Chiquito



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