Developing a Safety Program

January 07, 2010 in Newsletters

PSSP-MER recently conducted a seminar workshop attended by more than 200 participants from current members / officers and the news members of the safety society. It is another milestone in the society’s drive to achieve its goal of promoting continuing safety education of its members. The subject “DEVELOPING A SAFETY PROGRAM” was presented on November 27, 2009 @ Dhahran Palace Hotel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Engr. Clint Vitaliano A. Cabusao, the technical presentor, during his presentation has given the various requirements when Developing a Safety Program.


The technical presenter was a Certified Safety Consultant and a registered Mechanical Engineer and has been practicing safety in the Philippines and here in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco Projects.


As a safety practitioner it is very essential that we should be familiar with this subject. The presentation enhances the attendees’ existing knowledge on how they will develop a safety program for their organization. The attendees were able to understand the definition of a safety program, the components of an effective safety program and how to apply principles and strategies during the development of a safety program for general industry and in construction.


Essential elements to be available when Developing a Proper Safety Program are:

  • Definition of a Safety Program
  • Principles of a Safety Program
  • Performing a Gap Analysis
  • Project Safety Planning for an Industry User
  • Contractor Selection & Contract Safety Specifications
  • Compliance to local HSE Regulations
  • Compliance to Internationally Recognized HSE Standards
  • Safety Programming Support
  • Identification of components in the Development of a Safety Program
  • Safety Management Principle(s)
  • Safety Program Element(s)
  • Hazard Identification Plan

 Building a workable program involves input from every level of the organization, providing easily understood implementation on a day to day basis and by conducting periodic and honest evaluation.

Attendees also actively participated in the Q&A portions where several safety issues were raised . The event is highly considered as a successful one by the instructor and members of the society. At the end of the day, the information that everybody learned from the seminar will surely enhance their safety knowledge.

“Safety is without doubt, the most crucial investment we can make, and the question is not what it cost us but what it saves”


Rommel Chiquito & LISA


Responses (2) to "Developing a Safety Program"

  1. # Julius Cesar E. Garde on 13. Mar, 2010 at 10:17:13

    Sir Clint. ... Congratulation for presenting this valuable safety subject. And soon I will personally approach for this purpose and last seminar workshop we missed your opening remarks instead we heard Sec. Gen in behalf of your absent.

  2. # Alan E. Embile on 27. Mar, 2010 at 01:24:27

    Engr, Clint....The way you present your module/topic is done in a profesional approach...hope someday I can also develop & share my skills in my co-members for them to enhance their knowledge and know how..but it's gonna be a long process for me b4 doing that.

    Thank you & regards!

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