PSSP-MER "Sagip Buhay-Handog Sa Kababayan"

July 27, 2010 in Newsletters

In September 2009 a series of natural disasters pummelled Metropolitan Manila area and the rest of Luzon including the mountainous areas of the Mountain Province, Isabela, Cagayan Valley, Pangasinan and Ilocos Region. Thousands of families in the Philippines were badly affected by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. Even the homes of OFW’s families were also seriously damaged.  This disastrous event  in the Philippines activated Saudi-Arabia-based PSSP-MER to initiate action to support our distressed kababayans back home.




PSSP-MER initiated the “SAGIP BUHAY-HANDOG SA KABABAYAN PROJECT” in response to the call for community services and assistance to the families that were hardly stricken by the calamity. The project aims to raise donations in Saudi Arabia and distribute relief goods to the flood victims immediately. It was initiated at a short notice thru emails and phone calls among the society’s Board of Directors, Officers and a few members and friends. The generous spirit of all those who heed the call for assistance was very obvious. The society was able to raise an amount of SAR 12,699.00 ($3,368.43) and 305 kilograms of assorted used and new clothes, linens, towels, blankets, slippers, shoes, bags, etc. $2,900.00 US Dollars in cash was sent by bank remittance and the assorted goods by air-freight to the disaster victims through the PSSP-MER Manila Office c/o Janette C. Garcia.


The cash was utilized to purchase urgently needed relief goods. Volunteers from the Marikina Heights Council for Women headed by Janette Garcia-Barraca assisted by Harvey G. Barraca, Hardey G. Barraca and the Marikina Muslim Community Association were able to repack 30 sacks of rice, 20 sacks of sugar, 50 boxes of noodles, cooking oil, 20 boxes of assorted canned goods along with the bed linens, used clothes, shoes, slippers, and 80 pieces of new T-shirts (w/ PSSP-MER logo) were all distributed to the five hundred fifty families and/or recipients.


PSSP-MER had proven its genuine commitment to COMMUNITY SERVICE through team effort. In doing so, they made possible the reality of community services without any political color. The PSSP-MER leadership firmly believe that team effort, compassion, empathy, perseverance and decisiveness are key requirements for a successful community service.


We would like to acknowledge all the compassionate donors, all Officers & BODs who spearheaded the project, Janette Garcia-Barraca, Harvey G. Barraca, Hardey G. Barraca, Jally Ann Valdez-Barraca, the Council for Women from Marikina Heights, the Imam of the Tumana Mosque, and the entire Marikina Muslim Community Association and other kind–hearted individuals who in one way or another extended their benevolent assistance to facilitate the speedy repacking and distribution of the relief goods to the typhoon victims.





Rey G. Barraca

Secretary General


Note: This article was decided not to be posted immediately after the event in order to avoid the impression that the society is seeking recognition and taking advantage of the disaster situation.

Levi Alejo


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