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Seminar Workshop on Ergonomics and Heavy Equipment

June 04, 2009 in Newsletters by admin

Dhahran Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As early as 5:00 AM in the morning of Friday, 27 Febuary 2009, the 195 attendees to the Seminar Workshop on ERGONOMICS and on HEAVY EQUIPMENT SAFETY REQUIREMENTS started arriving at Dhahran Palace Hotel, the venue of the event. Of special mention is travelled more than 500km by road just to attend the seminar.
The seminar on Occupational Ergonomics was presented by Engr. Levi S. Alejo, the VP for Internal Affairs of PSSP-MER, and a BWC Registered Safety Practitioner. The following were covered in the presentation:
    The goal of ergonomics and the interrelationships with WMSD and other fields especially Biomechanics.
•    Ergonomics Principles and implementing guidelines
•    The components and the framework of an Ergonomic Program

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