1.  Membership Renato Rey G. Barraca
Peter Q. Panganiban
Esmeraldo S. Baclayo
Ambrocio P. Pelobello
2. Training & Education Levi S. Alejo
Clint V. A. Cabusao
3. Ways & Means Pedro P. Marfa
Renato Rey G. Barraca
4. Publication, Information, & Documentation Alan Krisher D. Abellana
Romel D. Chiquito
5. Honors & Award Renato Rey G. Barraca
Wilbert D. Tria
6. Sports & Culture Romel C. Deloso
Dexter U. Ellaga
7. Community Services Melvin Cunanan
8. Members’ Welfare &  Assistance Arnolf M. Hernandez
Jesus Eisa G. Pedines Jr.
9. Association  Activities Neil T. Acaso
10. Government  Relations Ambrocio P. Pelobello
Arsenio S. Intac
11. Research & Development (Procedures/Standards) Fernando M. Crisosto
Levi S. Alejo
Renato Rey G. Barraca
Pedro P. Marfa
Clint V. A. Cabusao
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