New Membership Application Procedures

1. Get a copy of the New Membership form. You can download/print it form the PSSP-MER website.


2. Fill-up the form properly and legibly.


3. Indicate your latest job position. This position should match the details in your attached resume/CV.


4. Attach your most recent ID size colored, properly attired personal photograph. Do not staple it to the form.


5. Attach a copy of your updated resume/CV detailing among others your current job position and your responsibilities.


6. Submit the completed form (with your attached resume/CV) to the registration table at the seminar venue.


7. Wait Until your application form is verified and duly accepted.


8. Pay the corresponding New Membership fee and get a receipt for your payment.


9. Send an email to, with the subject line: PSSP-MER New Membership in order to process your application along with the requirements. 


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